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March 2nd

Nate the Incredible Drummer has recently started to work on his own solo album (this is what happens when a drummer has too much time on his hands) as a side project.  So for all our fans out there who feel like hearing some untraditional What Once Was music, we will be posting some samples of his songs in the "Music Demo" section of our site.  Fortunately, for your listening pleasure, we have already posted a sample of his song "Going Down", so don't forget to check that out.

January 17th

Although for the past couple weeks the band has been on a slight intermission of recording and playing new shows, we are planning on having a decently packed upcoming spring with never before heard recordings and tons of quality shows.  So with this in mind, brace yourself for the best punk rockin' spring of all time.


November 4th

In case you were one of the many people who missed out on getting a hold of our relatively new demo cd, you can still get one from us.  In order to do so, simply email us to let us know that you want a copy, and we'll make sure you receive one for a mere two dollars... plus shipping and handling.

October 19th

Free Live Rock Music in New York City

New York City is known for it's rock scene, making it easy to find plenty of places that offer live rock bands. It's also fairly easy to find locations that offer free live rock music. Some of these locations include The Red Lion, Postcrypt Coffeehouse and Parkside Lounge.

The Red Lion in New York City

The Red Lion is is widely known in New York City for being a premier live music venue. They play many well sought after local musicians, such as The Nerds, Gavin DeGraw and Dana Fucks. The Red Lion offers a full schedule of rock bands, and is known for drawing in a younger crowd. They do not offer free shows every night, but they do have free shows on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Friday and Saturday shows tend to cost admission.

The Red Lion, 151 Bleecker Street, (212) 260-9797

Incidentally, you can be an expert keyboard player for your band by getting lessons at Music to Your Home. Located at Rockland and Manhattan, you can be a master keyboardist in no time!

Postcrypt Coffeehouse in New York City

Postcrypt Coffeehouse located at Columbia University in the basement of the St. Paul's Chapel has been offering music on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the school year ever since the 1960's. It is a small performance space that only fits about 25 seats. It has played many famous musicians, including Jeff Buckley, Shawn Colvin, Lisa Loeb and Ani DiFranco. They are widely known for their truly acoustic performances and it is known for drawing in people that are very serious about music. They also offer free popcorn, and sell baked goods and beer at very reasonable prices.

Postcrypt Coffeehouse, Columbia University, Basement of St. Paul's Church, 116th Street and Broadway, (212) 854-1953

The Parkside Lounge in New York City

The Parkside Lounge is a local bar that is known for its pinball games, pool table and jukebox. It also offers a back room that offers live shows every single night. They offer a large variety of local bands, playing rock, alternative and blues most of the nights. They also have bluegrass bands that jam on Monday nights, as well as live comedy shows many nights throughout the week. On Fridays they offer salsa jams which also comes with free salsa dance classes. Most of the shows are free, but they do tend to enforce a two drink minimum.

Parkside Lounge, 317 East Houston Street, (212) 673-6270

The pictures from our last concert out in Coatesville, PA have finally been uploaded for your viewing pleasure.  In addition, if you have any other pictures or video footage of our concert we would greatly appreciate it if you sent us a copy.  Besides that, we are still working on coming up with new songs all the time and we'll keep you updated about any future concerts.

In line with this, we are planning on performing at a Battle of the Bands gig around the end of winter...check the Show Dates section of our site for more details.

September 4th

Well, a few things have changed in our band within the last couple of months.  First of all, I'd like to introduce to you the newest addition to our band, Kyle the Phenomenally Mind-Boggling Guitarist.  With the combination of his skills and our band's, we shall be able to greatly increase the quality of our songs.  In line with this, hopefully some time next month we'll be able to release one of our brand new songs for all of you to enjoy...and in case any of you were wondering, we are still working on our first cd.

- In addition, our first show is on September 25th, it's free...at least at the moment...so check out our "Show Dates" section of our site for more details.  We want all of you to be there, and we will be giving out free demo cds containing three of our songs.

* Don't forget that if you need any info on how to get to the show or things of that natural, you can always email us.

June 1st

It has indeed been some time since I have last updated our great site.  Nonetheless, our band has been vigilantly practicing both our new and old songs, while simultaneously managing the task of recording our numerous songs as well.  Though, due to some minor setbacks, the soonest we'll be releasing our cd will be the end of summer.  In the meantime, enjoy our newly added 30 second clip of our song "Where Do I Go" in the "Music Demo" section.

April 7th

Ah, yes....we're still in the ongoing process of recording our quality songs.  Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties that we've experienced, the process has been slowed a bit.  Nevertheless, we hopefully will be able to release our four song demo cd by mid spring as planned and our full length cd by mid summer.  If you have any questions about how our demo cd can be acquired once it is released, or if you want to be notified via email when it comes out, all you need to do is simply contact our email address.

Mar. 11th

Well, we finally managed to start seriously recording some of our songs, and as a testimony to this, I have replaced the version of "I Can't Breathe" in the "Music Demo" section of our site with a brand new recording of the song that is a million times better than the old one.  In addition to this, I have started adding pictures in the "Fan Club" section of our site too.  So while you're checking that out, you might want to send me some pictures of you and your friends so that I can continue to fill up that section.

Feb. 16th

As you may have noticed, the chat room has been moved into the "Guest Book" section of our site.  In place of this, I have added a new section labeled "Fan Club" that will be completely devoted to our numerous fans.  So, in order to help fill this section up, please email us anything you would like us to post in this section of our site, such as pictures, websites, etc.  As a side note, I have changed my mind and have decided not to put a mailing list on our site as of this time.

Feb. 9th

Within the next week or so I'm going to be adding some pictures of our band to our "Band Member Info" section, so be sure to check that out.  In addition, I'm adding a mailing list to the "Guest Book" section of our site, so you can be aware of any updates relating to our website or the band in general.

Jan. 31st

Right now we're in the process of generating some quality new songs for our "official" demo cd.  As of today, our projected release date for this cd is sometime during the spring of 2004.  I'll make sure to keep posting updates about our cd and other various band activities, but in the meantime feel free to sign the "Official Fan Club Guestbook" in the guestbook section of our site.

Jan. 21st

Well, I've finally decided that due to the sheer greatness of our relatively new band, "What Once Was", I had no choice but to make an even better web page that was purely devoted to its prominence.  We're planning on booking a couple of shows in some places for the next couple of months, so I'll make sure to update our "Show Dates" page as soon as I get some more information.



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